Passed the standard test of the Ministry of Public Security

Featured Functions

High-quality Pickup

Ensure high-quality pickup effect by the speech enhancement technology based on microphone array

Adaptive Noise Reduction

Reduce noise actively, effectively eliminate the interference of noise from indoor fans and air conditioners as well as the human voice interference in other directions and effectively eliminate the muddy sound caused by strong echo to ensure the output audio clarity

Speech Quality Detection

The acquisition terminal carries out quality detection on the collected voice quality, including statistics of the effective duration, chipping ratio, average energy and other parameters of the data, which further ensures the quality of the collected data

Function Customization

Convenient function customization and secondary development through its own operating system


  • Super-large Search Engine

    Independently developed high-performance VPR engine, which is the industry's leading real-time retrieval VPR system

  • Intelligent Speech Data Quality Detection

    Automatically detect the incoming speech for unreported identity information, emotional instability, mechanical repetitive content, multi-person speech and other verification indicators through AI intelligent algorithm and support the authenticity and integrity check of voiceprint recording and speech synthesis detection

  • Support Multi-data Source and Cross-channel Identification

    Adapt to different types of speech inspection materials and support collection of speed information by standardized collection, mobile phone, network software and recording pen or voiceprint file import. The algorithm performance is stable under different noise environments, text types and cross-channel conditions

  • Simple and Easy-to-operate Network Access

    The acquisition equipment has unique identification information for equipment registration and network access verification and the function modular operation interface is easy to start

Solutions for Your Business

Key Personnel Voiceprint Library Construction

Quickly confirm the speaker’s identity and language and detect the sensitive content in the call through the pre-established key personnel voiceprint database to quickly provide new clues and evidence for the case investigation

Construction of Voiceprint Library for Exemplary Case

Choose to establish the voiceprint library for exemplary case, and upload the materials and samples involved in the cases to the library for unified management of the voiceprint

Improve the Quality of Speech Data Collected at the Grassroots Level

Conduct unified quality inspection on all collected speech and case materials in the jurisdiction, improve the quality of speech data collected at the grassroots level, and lay a solid foundation for the application of the voiceprint data

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