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AI Elevator

Combining ASR,realize non-contact elevator rides, full voice interaction, enhance the elevator ride experience, and help epidemic prevention and control

Smart Elevator Management System

Based on the elevator network, combined with machine vision analysis, big data and other technologies, it realizes the multi-dimensional and full digital dynamic management of elevator operating environment, operating status, elevator behavior, daily management, and maintenance process

Smart Elevator Integrated Supervision Platform

With the design concept of dynamic supervision, active early warning, on-demand maintenance, everyone's participation, and joint governance, with the goal of creating urban elevator data integration, establishing elevator health files and evaluation systems, injecting new ideas into government supervision and giving full play to Supervision and service functions



  • Sound

    sound of everything, drive everything with sound, improve the elevator taking experience by speed interaction

  • Intelligence

    autonomously recognize the passenger taking behavior under the elevator scenarios through the image recognition AI technology

  • Things

    perform intelligent upgrade of traditional elevators through the IoT technology

  • Connection

    Internet of Everything, compatible with all brands of elevator models with open product architecture

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Client Stories

Zhongguancun No.1
Zhongguancun Advanced Technology Innovation Center
China Disabled Persons’ Federation Building
CPPCC building in Dongcheng District, Beijing
Henan Investment Group Building
Suzhou AI Industrial Park
Qingdao Liuting International Airport
China University of Geography
Qingdao International Conference Center
Fuxin Building, Qingdao Municipal Government
Holiday Inn Qingdao
Beijing Haidian Hospital
Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital
Shanghai Public Health Center
Qingdao University Hospital
Hubei Hanchuan Hospital

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