Winter Olympics Brain
Staff information analysis system

Competition brain featuring “one screen, two lines and three combinations”

According to the overall structure of “one screen, two lines and three combinations”, analyze the personnel composition and closed-loop attributes of site. Assist departments of the Municipal Operational Support Headquarters for fast and accurate dispatching and response, including the arrival and departure support group, event support group for contracted hotels, event support group for centralized residences, security group, technical group, human resource management group, centralized and medical support group, providing data support to maintain the normal operation of the Winter Olympics and decision-making of the OCOG.

Quick and accurate dispatching of data of

90,249 Olympic-related personnel

  • One screen

    Relying on the basic capabilities of big data platforms such as Jingtong, Jingzhi, Jingban, and “Qitong Yiping” to quickly build the dynamic monitoring system for the personnel involved in the Winter Olympics. “One screen” will fully show the information of Olympic-related personnel.

  • Two lines

    Focusing on Olympic events and epidemic prevention and control, analyze and display information by categories.

  • Three combinations

    Combine the Olympic system, government data and social data for multi-source and multi-dimensional data statistics/analysis.