SoundAI Welfare

  • Health Welfare

    Five insurances plus housing provident fund: sound supporting system

    Annual physical examination: free of charge for health protection

    Double medical insurances: “basic + supplementary” for maximum protection

  • Food Welfare

    Snacks: energy supply

    Festival gifts: considerate

    Specialties: local food

  • Activities

    Team building: exciting

    Annual travel: around the world

    Birthday party: thoughtful

  • Leave

    Paid sick leave: for sufficient rest

    Paid annual leave: for everyone

    Welfare vacation: for relaxing

  • Intimate Services

    Taxi-hailing: time-saving and thoughtful taxi hailing service

    Life: better and safer banking services

    Entertainment: various events for pleasure and health

  • Features of SoundAI

    Top team: talents for faster growth

    Rapid development: large industry platform

    Flat management: direct communication with leaders

User first | farsighted and eager to learn
Sincere and dedicated | Care and cooperation
Pioneering and innovative | Optimistic and active