Making Things Smarter

SoundAI is a multi-skilled AI cloud-brain company established in May 2016, which is focusing on intelligent audition and multi-skilled AI platform named Azero, integrated with cloud-based voice, image and language service available on smart healthcare, smart finance, smart city and smart life. We offer a collection of Azero-based skills, tools and documentation to make it easier to connect humans, machines and things. The typical application cases include smart digital platform for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, smart healthcare kit for covid-19, smart system for Universal Studio Beijing and smart speakers for internet manufacturers. Now we are committing to helping more hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies to achieve digital transformation and become more competitive. Our mission is “Making Things Smarter”, and our vision is “Smarter AI, Better Life”.

  • Initiated and participated in more than 80 national,
    industry and corporate standards

    80 +
  • More than
    300 honors

    300 +
  • More than 200 intellectual
    property rights

    2000 +
  • 5 industry invention
    patent awards


SoundAI has three AI interdisciplinary laboratories in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions. It won “Technology China” Leading Enterprise Award, one Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award and one Wu Wenjun AI Award, published 2 AI textbooks, and initiated and participated in the formation of more than 80 national, industry and corporate standards. It has 5 industry invention patent awards, more than 300 honors and over 2,000 intellectual property rights. Moreover, SoundAI ranks the first in AI perception innovation and among Global Top 100 in AI invention patents. It is a state-level “SRDI” Little Giant Enterprise, Beijing Zhongguancun Gazelle Enterprise, AI enterprise commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for outstanding contribution against the epidemic, National High-tech and “Dual-software” Technology Enterprise, Zhongguancun Frontier Technology and Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise, Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration and Pilot Enterprise, one of Top 100 AI Intellectual Property Enterprises and AI Enterprises, Best AI Employer, AAA Credit and A-level Taxpayer. It is also the director or member of the China Computer Federation, Acoustical Society of China, China Association for Artificial Intelligence, China Audio Industry Association, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Financial Technology Research Institute, Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, and China Smart Home Industry Alliance, and other AI alliances such as ARM, NVIDIA, RISC-V, BOSCH, and Baidu.



Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit

Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Unit

Honorable Prize of China Haidian High-value Patent Cultivation Competition

Third Prize of “Golden Panda" High-value Patent Cultivation Competition”

  • 2021 National-level Specialized New Little Giant Enterprise
  • Member of China Association for Vaccines
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Haidian District, Beijing
  • Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award
  • 2021 " Technology China" Leading Enterprise (Electronic Information)
  • Member of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Technology Association
  • CPHA Certificate of Excellent High Fidelity Wireless Audio Product
  • Beijing Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base
  • Honorable Prize of 2021 China Haidian High-value Patent Cultivation Competition
  • Award in the 1st China New Smart City Innovation Application Competition
  • Award for Unified Epidemic Prevention And Health Information Platform (First Prize)
  • Award for Smart Elevator Supervision Platform (Third Prize)
  • Top Ten Science And Technology Exhibition Halls of Topshow
  • Third Prize and Honorable Prize of 2021 “Golden Panda” High-value Patent Cultivation Competition
  • Innovation Award for Huitian Brain in Smart Changping Open Innovation Competition
  • Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit
  • Innovation Award for New Infrastructure in Smart Changping Open Innovation Competition
  • 3A Credit Certificate
  • Excellent Organization Award in large-scale cultural activities for the CPC centennial
  • 2021 Party Organization with Strong Party Building and Development (certificate and medal)
  • 2021-2023 Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Unit
  • "Intelligent Voice Bin" - Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly Product in China
  • 2021 OFweek Best Empowering AI Solution Award of Artificial Intelligence Industry
  • 2020-2021 Most Influential Internet Enterprise
  • 2020 Prominent Enterprise
  • 2020 Top 20 of New Business Potential List (Technology)

Beijing SRDI “Little Giant” Enterprise

  • 2020 Excellent Application Case of AI Innovation
  • 2020 Zhongguancun High-Growth Enterprise (Top 100)
  • 2020 Zhongguancun Potential High-growth Enterprise (Top 10)
  • Zhongguancun Yunti Technology Innovation Alliance
  • Information Technology Application Innovation Working Committee
  • 2020 High-tech High-Growth Enterprises in Haidian District (Top 10)
  • 2020 China New Infrastructure Innovation Enterprise (TOP100)
  • 2020 Most Rapidly Growing Startup Company in New Infrastructure Entrepreneurship List
  • 2020 New Infrastructure AI Enterprise (Top 50)
  • Member of China Elevator Association
  • Conformity Certificate of AI Human Body Temperature Measurement System
  • Test report of Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing
  • Beijing Innovation and Technological Achievement Exhibition - AI Call-out Robot
  • Beijing Innovation and Technological Achievement Exhibition - AI Digital Infrared Human Body Temperature Measurement and Monitoring System
  • Beijing SRDI “Little Giant” Enterprise
  • 2020 Beijing SRDI “Little Giant” Enterprise
  • 2020 Advanced Unit of China Audio Industry Association
  • China Green Product of "Smart Voice Trash Can"
  • First Prize of 2020 AI Perception Innovation List
  • 2020 Beijing SRDI Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Member of the List of Outstanding Anti-epidemic Companies issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • Outstanding Enterprise for COVID-19 Prevention and Control (Hospital Construction Services)
  • Member of the List of anti-epidemic products issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • High praise by doctors and patients in [AI Voice Elevator] services announced by the Haidian District Government
  • Member of the List of the second/third batch of anti-epidemic technologies, products and services released in Zhongguancun
  • Second Prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award
  • 2020 AI Enterprise Award
  • 2020 Voice Recognition Technology Award
  • 2020 Global AI Technology Innovation Enterprise (TOP50)
  • 2020 AI/Big Data Venture50 in Investment
  • 2020 China High-tech High-growth Enterprise (Top 50)
  • Golden Lion Prize of the Fifth China IOT Innovation Award in 2020
  • 2020 Most Influential Innovative Enterprise in Smart City (Top 10)
  • China Entrepreneurial Growth Enterprise in GEM (Top 100)
  • Influential Enterprise of the Era (Top 50)
  • Annual Pioneer Enterprise in China's ToB Industry
  • 2020 AI Productivity Innovation Award
  • New Infrastructure Growth Enterprise (Top 100)
  • 2020 High-growth AI Enterprise in China (TOP 100)
  • AI Excellent Case Practice Award (TOP30)
  • 2020 “Unicorn” of "New Infrastructure" Industry (TOP 100)
  • Third KPMG Automotive Technology Award of China (Top 50)
  • 2019 AI Case Award (Top 100)
  • 2019-2020 AI Best Employer (Top5 -NLP)

Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Unit

  • 2019 Artificial Intelligence Enterprise with Comprehensive Strength in TOP 100
  • 2019 AI Enterprise with Growth Capability in TOP 100
  • 2019 AI Enterprise Innovation (TOP 100)
  • Member of the China Industry Innovation Alliance for the Intelligent and Connected Vehicles
  • Member of China Computer Federation
  • Member of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • Director unit of China Smart Home Industry Alliance
  • Director unit of China Audio Industry Association
  • Director unit of Zhongguancun Frontier Technology and Industry Service Alliance
  • 2019 Haidian High-tech and High-growth Enterprise (Top 20)
  • Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Unit
  • 2019 List • TOP50 Quasi-Unicorn Companies Influencing the Times
  • 2019 AI Analysis • Top 50 AI Technology Service Providers in China
  • 2019 ToB Industry Influence List
  • 2019 China AI Enterprise with Intellectual Property Competitiveness in Top 100
  • Entrepreneurship Dark Horse - 2019 New "100 Million Midstream" (TOP 100)
  • 2019 China Rising Star
  • Member of Top 100 Potential Enterprises of Sina Technology Innovation Board
  • 2019 AI Analysis • Top 100 AI Technology Innovation Enterprises in China
  • Member of the TOP 50 Quasi-Unicorn List of 5G New Economy Industry
  • 2019 OFweek (China) AI Technology Innovation Award
  • Chinese Venture - 2018-2019 Dark Horse List (TOP 50) of the Most Commercially Valuable Enterprises
  • 2019 Golden Eagle Award of Technology Innovation Enterprise of Chinese Venture
  • Entrepreneurship Observation Pilot

National High-Tech Enterprise

  • National High-Tech Enterprise
  • 2018 AI Enterprise (Top 100)
  • 2017 Zhongguancun Leading Financial Enterprise (Top 30)
  • Executive Director Unit of the Artificial Intelligence Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of China’s Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA)
  • Member of Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Association
  • Excellent Product Award of the 20th China High-tech Fair
  • 2018 KPMG Automotive Leader List (Top 50), leading companies in automotive technology
  • 2018 AI Analysis • Chinese Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise (Top 100)
  • 2018 China AI Star Startup of Qubit (TOP 50)
  • 2018 NBI Awards of Business Influence - Annual AI Award
  • 2018 China Enterprise of Service Innovation Growth (Top 50)
  • New Technology AI Voice Award of WISE 2018
  • 2017-2018 “AI + Medical” Leading Enterprise (Top 10)
  • 2018 China AI Innovation Enterprise (Top 50)
  • 2018 AI Product Innovation Award (Top 10)
  • Innovation Award of 2018 Global Cable Innovation Hangzhou Summit
  • KPMG Leading Automotive Enterprise o China (Top 50)
  • 2018 Most Valuable Investment Enterprise of China (Top 50)
  • Member of AI enterprise-level application strength list
  • 2018 NBI Summer Innovation Summit - AI New Kinetic Energy (Top 20)
  • "Future • Influence" - China Industrial Innovation List of Top 50 Most Valuable Investments and Top 50 Most Development Potential
  • Member of 2018 China AI Quasi-Unicorn List (Summer List)
  • 2018 Emerging Enterprise of China Enterprise Service Industry List (Top 30)
  • 2018 China AI Business Project List (Top 100)
  • Certificate of the First Training Session of Baidu AI Accelerator
  • Bosch PNP AI in Auto Accelerator (Automotive AI)
  • 2018 AI Enterprise Influencing the Business Industry (Top 100)
  • 2018 China AI Enterprise (Top 100)



  • 2017 Leading Enterprise Award of China AI Industry
  • Member of the third training session of ARM growth camp
  • Member of the first training session of Baidu AI Accelerator
  • Director unit of Zhongguancun Frontier Technology and Industry Service Alliance
  • Member of ARM AI Ecological Alliance
  • Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise
  • 中关村前沿技术企业
  • 2017 Leading Enterprise Award of China AI Industry
  • Member of the third training session of ARM growth camp
  • 2017中国财经峰会(冬季论坛)“2017年度最具成长性公司 ”
  • 第六届中国财经峰会“2017最具成长价值奖”
  • 2017 AI Intelligence Enterprise (Top 50)
  • 2017 Innovative Enterprise of New AI Growth (Top 50)
  • 2017 Most Commercially Valuable AI Enterprise (Top 50)

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

  • Second Prize of the Second "Internet +" Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise
  • 2016 China AI Startup (TOP 50)
  • 2016 AI Innovation Enterprise (TOP 50)
  • 2016 AI Project with the Most Investment Value in China (Top 100)
  • AI Enterprise (Top 100) of AI Era

Core Team

60% Top team in the industry,
More than 60% of masters and doctors

As one of the world's famous AI start-ups, SoundAI has the industry’s top team with business capabilities in algorithms, software, hardware, chips, cloud architectures and platform service. Masters and doctors account for more than 60%. The core team includes graduates from prestigious universities (e.g. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beihang University, Communication University of China, and MIT), business elites from Google, Broadcom, Dolby, Tencent, and Baidu, high-end talents from Zhongguancun high-end leaders, Forbes Asian 30U30 Young Leaders, Forbes China 30U30 Young Elites, Hurun China 30U30 Entrepreneurial Leaders and the like, as well as members of the IEEE, ACM, ASA, AES, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Acoustical Society of China, China Computer Federation, etc.

Corporate Culture


Making Things Smarter


Smarter AI, Better Life


User first | Foresight and learning
Integrity | Care and cooperation
Pioneering | Optimism and initiative

Development History


In May, SoundAI was founded in Beijing.
In September, it launched the first-generation microphone array kit and China’s first smart speaker development kit for far-field voice interaction.


It won the awards of Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise and Zhongguancun Frontier Science and Technology Enterprise, and passed the Zhongguancun Frontier Science and Technology Certification.
In cooperation with Xilinx and Cypress, it launched the FPGA far-field voice interaction development board, supporting Baidu to launch the SoundPi open platform and Xiaomi to launch the AI smart speaker.


It was recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise.
It launched the AI interactive system SoundAl Azero and provides technologies and solutions for well-known customers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Baidu, Ali, and Tencent.


It strengthened the technology research and development of SoundAI Azero artificial intelligence interactive system, launched more consumer electronics and industry application solutions, and explored applications in operators, smart homes, smart parks, medical care, finance, transportation, and special security.


In response to the epidemic, it launched the first “zero-contact” AI elevator system and AI digital human infrared temperature measurement system, which were commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and reported by CCTV, People's Daily and other media.


With the independently developed "Azero AI Development Framework”, SoundAI undertook the construction of digital platform for epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, Yunnan and some prefecture-level cities in Hebei and Henan, including large-scale NAT, COVID-19 vaccination, multi-point epidemic monitoring and warning, and community-based joint prevention and control. It also provides AI support for important events such as the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC, and United Nations COP15 Conference. At present, it has connected more than 300 hospitals and testing agencies, efficiently and reliably serving more than 300 million people nationwide.


Supported by the Azero AI framework, SoundAI was responsible four infrastructures in the Beijing Winter Olympics, namely, “NAT decision-making system for Beijing Winter Olympics”, “SoundAI NAT Gate for Beijing Winter Olympics Support”, “Command and Dispatch Platform of the Comprehensive Winter Olympics Support Group”, and “Winter Olympic Brain - Staff Information Analysis System”, providing comprehensive support services for the events. It also developed a set of Al epidemic prevention systems of the highest standards for global events.