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Winter Olympics support SoundAI as a guardian for 2 million+ people

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Azero AI Development Framework

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Level 3 Certificate of CMMI

As a NAT information support organization, SoundAI has made concerted efforts to successfully complete NAT tasks, making positive contribution to epidemic prevention!

Comprehensive Support Group of the Operational Support Headquarters of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics

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In the Winter Olympics support work, SoundAI developed the Winter Olympics command and dispatch platform for the comprehensive support group within a short period. The technical operation and background support team assigned by SoundAI have excellent business skills and a strong sense of responsibility.

Medical and Epidemic Prevention Group of the Operational Support Headquarters of 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

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The AI digital human type sensorless body temperature detector and monitoring system of SoundAI can be easily used for automatic temperature measurement without manual intervention or dead angle of epidemic prevention and control. Our problems in epidemic prevention and control are solved with the advanced technology. The whole set of equipment and system played a positive role in our normal office work, efficiency improvement, scientific epidemic prevention and cost reduction!

General Office of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Progress

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The “multi-functional smart voice elevator” provided by SoundAI has been put into use in our office building, which can effectively reduce risks of contact infection. It is helpful in our epidemic prevention and control in key spaces such as elevators!

Administrative Service Center of China Disabled Persons Federation

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Customer Cases

The business covers three major sectors: digital smart health, digital smart city and digital smart life.

Digital Smart Health Digital Smart City Digital Smart Life2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The 24th Winter Olympics was held in Beijing on February 4-20, 2022. Beijing was the first city holding both the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It was for the first time for the Winter Olympics to be held in a continent except for Europe.

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Digital Smart HealthBeijing Unified NAT Information Platform

It takes less than 1min to collect nucleic acid samples of residents. NAT results are usually available in Jiankangbao within 6-12h. For large-scale screening, NAT results can be queried within 24h. This is a benefit from Beijing’s unified platform for NAT information.

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Digital Smart CityUniversal Beijing Resort

The Universal Beijing Resort is a large integrated resort on Wenjing Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing. It is the third Universal park in Asia and the fifth in the world. It was opened officially on September 20, 2021.

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Digital Smart LifeAI Products

As a far-field voice interaction technology provider with the most domestic users, the most coverage scenarios, the largest R&D scale at present, SoundAI provides innovative multi-microphone voice interaction solutions for leading smart speaker brands in China, and applies the latest algorithms to ensure smart voice interactions in complex scenarios are…

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Digital Smart Health2020 Convention of the United Nations on Biological Diversity

The Convention on Biological Diversity is an international convention signed by 196 parties currently, aiming at the protection of biological resources worldwide. The Conference of the Parties is the top discussion and decision-making mechanism for the Convention on Biological Diversity, which is held twice a year. It follows the principle of consensus to pass resolutions

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