Voice Recognition Demonstration

With the help of algorithm of upfront-arranged microphone array, which provides effective noice reduction and enhanced input of signals the human targets, far-field acoustic / voice-recognition technology works to make sure that smart-home devices, as well as intelligent hardwires and robots, accurately capture user’s voices even in a distance. The current far-field voice-recognition technology SoundAI possesses is guaranteed to be effective within a range of three to ten metres. The rate of precise voice wake-up is 95% and above, functionally supporting Dual-wake , Free-cut, Open AEC, and AKS. At a distance of five metres, all-around and precise recognition of at least 96% is ensured, with reduced disturbances from any disordered voice wake-up. Moreover, our technology has been comprehensively programmed for improved compatibility and inclusion in specific scenarios, such as offices, households, and travelling. Leading technological revolutions in the field, SoundAI brings optimized user-experience and smoother voice interactions between humans and AIs.