We Focus on What You Need

We Focus on What You Need
SoundAI is a technology innovation company specializing in acoustic frontier technology and Artificial Intelligence interactions. It is committed to leading a freer artificial intelligence interactive experience in a real environment and realizing the vision of human-computer interaction – “Listen and Know You Better”.
We Touch the Future
We mainly provides end-to-cloud acoustic and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as artificial intelligence product solutions for devices, chips, modules, and boards. Core technologies include next-generation smart sensing, far-field speech processing (echo cancellation, noise suppression, source localization, reverberation cancellation, beamforming, etc.), far-field speech wake-up, far-field speech recognition, far-field duplex conversation, and super Far-field acoustic monitoring, local field speech recognition, distributed field speech interaction, deep learning and small sample learning, and acoustic smart chip design.
We Are Partners
Currently, we working closely with famous companies such as Baidu, Ali, Tencent, ARM, NVIDIA, Xilinx, Cypress, Cadence, and other well-known enterprises, SoundAI is engaged in the fields of smart devices, smart homes, smart cars, smart security, smart finance, smart education, smart healthcare, robotics and other industries.
Our Investors
We have completed 3 rounds of financial financing (as the end of 2017). Investors included FreeS Fund Capital, Aplus Capital, Baidu, RUN&ZHE Capital, and Linekong Interactive, and established a loan-to-lending relationship with Bank of Beijing.
Our People
SoundAI aims on committed to the promotion of artificial intelligence technology in the global industry. The core staff is more than 60%, including from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Communication University of China, Massachusetts Institute. Many elite talents from elite universities and institutions such as of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Google, Broadcom, Dolby, Tencent, Baidu, and Zhongguancun Gaoju Engineering Entrepreneurial Leaders, Forbes 30U30 Corporate Science and Technology Young Leaders, Hurun 30U30 Business Leaders, China Labor Experts of the Intelligent and Big Data Committee, members of the Audio Engineering Branch of the Acoustics Society of China, and many other leading talents.