We Focus on What You Need

SoundAI, founded in April, 2018, is an innovation-driven company that focus on advanced acoustic technologies and artificial intelligence interactions. We are committed to leading a freer artificial intelligence interactive experience in real environment and realizing the vision of human-computer interaction “Listen and Know You Better”
We can provide both voice interaction system as SoundAI Voice Kit (SVK), an integration of far-field voice interaction and far-field real-time communication technology, and hardware solutions from chips, modules, to demoboards for AI products. Our core technologies include intelligent acoustic sensing, far-field acoustic processing (echo cancellation, noise suppression, sound source localization, reverberation cancellation, beamforming, etc.), far-field awakening, fingerprint recognition, far-field speech recognition, far-field duplex communication, speech comprehension, natural language synthesis, ultra-far-field acoustic monitoring, local field speech recognition, distributed field speech interaction, deep learning and small sample learning, acoustic smart chip design, and so on.
We are partners with many famous companies such as Baidu, Ali, Tencent, ARM, NVIDIA, Xilinx, Cypress, Cadence, and other enterprises. The sectors we are engaging in include smart home control, intelligent vehicle, smart security system, intelligent finance, intelligent education, smart healthcare, smart court, robots, and so on. Up to now, we have already provided services for Mi, Baidu, Ali, Huawei, Tencent, Lenovo, Smartisan, Cheetah Mobile, Kingdee, Inspur, China Mobile, 360, and CCTV. We are supplier of far-field voice interaction technologies and solutions with the most clients, application scenarios, and the widest regions.
We have completed 3 rounds financing until the end of 2017. Our investors are FreeS Fund Capital, Hongtai Capital, Baidu, RUN and ZHE Capital, and Linekong Interactive. In addition, we have already established an investment linkage with the Bank of Beijing and Zhongguancun Bank.
We Are Partners
SoundAI is now making efforts to promote artificial intelligence technologies aound the whole world. Among out technical team, 60% of them have achieved doctor degree from universities as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Communication University of China, and Massachusetts Institute. There are also many talents who had worked in famous enterprises such as Google, Broadcom, Dolby, Tencent, and Baidu and who had obtained titles like Engineering Entrepreneurial Leaders, Forbes 30U30 Corporate Science and Technology Young Leaders, Hurun 30U30 Business Leaders, China Labor Experts of the Intelligent and Big Data Committee, members of the Audio Engineering Branch of the Acoustics Society of China, etc.